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Time: 2014/06/07
Iranian article ranks 1st in Serbia Congress
 An article presented to Serbia Pan-European Congress on Military Medicine by head of Iranian Police Force Medical Service Head Office, ranked first in the congress, judged by the congress jurors. According to CINVU, Dr. Ali Majidi’s article in that congress has been praised and ranked first.The importance of this top ranking is more evidently comprehended when the fact that the Islamic Republic of Iran is still not a member of the World Congress on Military Medicine, is considered.
It is good to know that the Iranian military forces had also ranked 3rd in the 39th International Committee on Military Medicine held in Nigeria and 4th in the 40th International Committee on Military Medicine held in Saudi Arabia.
Some 200 experts from 30 countries in various military medicine fields, including ten from the Iranian armed forces, participate in the 3rd Serbia Pan-European Congress, on Military Medicine, June 13-15. Military medicine experts from around the world, including Bahrain, Belgium, Iran, Brazil, the United States, Ghana, Greece, Italy and Kuwait attended the 3rd Serbia Pan-European Congress on Military Medicine.
The International Committee of Military Medicine (ICMM) tries to bring in contact the military health services worldwide, in order to facilitate the sharing of knowledge, experience and expertise between military health professionals. Therefore the ICMM organizes a world congress every two years and regional congresses and courses in between.
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