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Time: 2014/06/18
A unified Islamic financial system
Head of Comstech Inter Islamic Network on Virtual Universities (CINVU) by emphasizing the necessity of establishing a unified system of finance among Islamic countries said a unified Islamic financial system can help creating a comprehensive finance structure based on Sharia.
According to Mehr News Agency, Mehdi Javanmard, head of CINVU, told reporters on Wednesday afternoon in South Pars (Asaloyeh): Great effort has been done to develop the Inter Islamic network on virtual universities programs and by attending conferences and international programs; we are in the process of expanding and developing the network’s plan, reported CINVU.
Referring to the gathering of the International Conference of Economy and Islamic Investment, he said this meeting was another first on the Islamic Finance in Iran which was held by cooperation of the Securities and Exchange organization and Monetary and Banking Research Institute of Central Bank of IR of Iran.
Engagement of Islamic economic activists is as one of the main purposes of this meeting, said head of CINVU and added the presence of the countries such as Luxembourg, Egypt, Nigeria, Turkey, Malaysia, the United Arabic Emirates and Kuwait, is another notable point of this Summit.
Javanmard referred to the meeting with Daniel Choong the CEO at Nomura Islamic Asset Management Sdn Bhd, in the gathering and his talks with him regarding the proposal and establishment of Comstech Inter Islamic Network on Virtual Universities. 
The development of export goods, knowledge base services, and diplomacy of science and technology
Describing the situation of higher education in Iran and presenting statistics of Iranian University students and faculties, Javanmard said other issues raised in this meeting were the development of export goods, knowledge base services, and diplomacy of science and technology.
Javanmard in his talk while addressing the gathering, stressed on the need to start new collaborations with other Muslim experts to create a unified financial system based on research collaborations, completing the infrastructure and other necessary things. He advised all to play their part to resolve the difficulties of organizing the legislative body of this unit for the Islamic markets.
With an emphasis on the necessity of forming a unified financial system among Islamic countries, he said a unified financial system among these countries could help to create a comprehensive financial structure based on the Sharia. He pointed to the history of the IFN Forum and added since the Islamic financial system is based on the Sharia, therefor in this divine system Justice for all participants has been completely adhered to.
The IFN FORUM IRAN, organized by the REDmoney events took place on 21st April 2014 in Tehran, Iran.
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