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Time: 2014/06/28
President Rouhani: Ramadan to be named month of peace and blessing
According to the Presidential Office website on Friday, President Rouhani by felicitating the beginning of fasting month of Ramadan called on the heads of Muslim states for Islamic unity in the Ramadan of peace and blessing, reported CINVU.
In part of the message, Rouhani said that this year, Muslims are entering fasting month of Ramadan in a situation that violence and radicalism is inflaming in the Islamic world and ignorance and nervousness had paved ground for implementation of enemiesˈ map to create disunion and quarrel among religious sects
President Rouhani wished health, honor and success for all Islamic nations and governments and requested all heads of Islamic states that by using all your political and spiritual abilities and using capacities of all political and religious characters help ˈ Islamic unity ˈ move in ˈ Ramadan of peace and blessing.
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