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Time: 2014/07/07
Libyan Technology & Innovation Parks initiative launched
Libya has launched a technology and innovation parks initiative aimed at encouraging links between universities, research institutes and the technology-based private sector, reported CINVU. The initiative was announced at a workshop titled "Science Parks and Technology Transfer", held in the Libyan capital Tripoli on 30 March.
The technology and innovation parks initiative is in line with the 17 February 2011 revolution, which allowed for restructuring and refocusing the vision of Libya's research sector to deal with the low achievements and outputs of its universities and research centers as reflected in the Africa Competitiveness Report 2013.
Out of 144 countries, Libya ranked 136 in math and science education, 133 in university-industry collaboration, 129 in innovation, 122 in the quality of research institutions, 118 in availability of scientists and engineers, 110 in technological readiness and 103 in higher education and training.
The initiative will focus on paving the way for a knowledge-based economy by building a stimulating environment for innovation and technology transfer and promoting a culture of innovation and competitiveness among businesses.
According to the Libya Herald, Nurredine Shamakhy, director general of the Libyan Authority for Research, Science and Technology, told the workshop that the technology and innovation parks department would study the world's top 10 examples and "adopt one as the prototype to follow".
There is also an Enterprise Award for students and universities for the best business ideas. Both awards are designed to promote innovation among young would-be entrepreneurs. The chance to enter the Enterprise Award competition is open to the half a million students in Libya's 12 universities and 107 vocational education and training institutions.
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