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Time: 2014/08/19
Fourteenth International Exhibition of Construction Industry
Fourteenth International Exhibition of Construction Industry 19 - 21 August was held in Tehran International Permanent Fairground. The 1158 exhibition of local and foreign companies in an area of ​​52 thousand square meters in its latest capabilities exposed and competed.
This year, the countries of Turkey, China, Italy, France, Germany, Japan, Spain, Belgium, Greece, Ukraine, Russia, India, as well as representatives from other countries were Participated.  Country-style expanding and retrofitting of buildings, contributing to a boom in construction, knowledge of the capabilities and shortcomings of the construction industry, learn about the latest industry developments in the world of modern technologies, the use of IT in the construction industry, job creation, and create an economic and business environment, especially for companies dealing in machinery, equipment, materials, services and technology was most important objectives.
The exhibit will COMSTECH Inter Islamic Network on Virtual Universities (CINVU) in partnership with the engineering companies to introduce new services to those involved in the field of architecture and urbanism. The new services include the introduction of new technologies such as the use of simulation and virtual reality in architecture that dramatically change in the near future will be created in the construction and sale. This technology can be simulated before executing construction projects and construction and the dimensions of the various approaches examined. Although today's virtual reality projects seem a little fancy but soon will be part of the requirements of each project.
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