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Time: 2014/10/22
International Short Film Festival opens in Tehran
 The 31st edition of Iran’s International Short Film Festival has kicked off during an opening ceremony held in the capital city of Tehran. It was opened on Tuesday October 14 at Pardis Mellat Cinema Complex. Ethnic groups from the North Western Kurdestan province attended the inaugural gala with their traditional instruments such as ‘dhol’ and ‘sorna’. Dressed in local clothes, they performed ritual plays along with folklore music to introduce the culture and traditions of different parts of Iran.
The festival is held to provide an opportunity for young filmmakers to exchange their experiences. The plan is planned to promote the festival and introduce its activities to the world through increased interactions with the world short film markets and filmmakers.A total of 104 entries will be vying in the international section. France holds the record for the country with most number of entries, 14, in this section. The US, UK, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Canada, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Egypt, China, Afghanistan and India are among the other participating states.
According to CINVU report, the 31st Tehran International Short Film Festival is scheduled to run until October 20, 2014.
 ‘Dhol’ is a double-headed drum used in ritual festivities, while ‘sorna’ is an ancient Iranian woodwind instrument played to herald the advent of Norouz (the Iranian New Year).
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