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Time: 2015/02/07
Free Downloads

These days availability and affluence of intelligent devices such as tablets, mobile phones, laptop and …has caused users to have more time to study. Supporting different file and connecting to internet for accessing the books, Makes it easier for users to target. In this subject we want to introduce you several website for downloading the book. Read more with us.


1-    Freebook Sifter Site
If you know well that book what you looking, you'll find it in this site. You can find the your books by using search part or general assortment of  this site. For accessing this site use this link. This site adds hundreds of books to it's general lists Daily.

2-    Project Gutenberg Site
For accessing this site use this link. This attractive site covering different audio files in addition different book.

3-    NASA e-books Site
NASA Include Thousands of different books about sciences and history. This general and attractive site access books in several different formats. Use this link for accessing this site.

4-    Loyal books Site
An extraordinary selection for Classical books! This site Include More than three thousand book that is constantly updating and increasing. Also different ways for reaching your books exist what you can use each of them for reaching the source. For accessing this site use this link.

Now maybe it is interesting for you that you like Arrange your downloaded and electronic books in a digital library. An inestimable digital library! This ultra-digital library enables you to categorize your books like a real library. The Ultra Digital Library, a library of true enables you to categorize your books. In addition, you can convert your documents into various formats. Another interesting feature in this software exist that can be found with a little work in it.
Please use this link to download the digital library.

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