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Time: 2015/02/21
3rd Vice Chancellors’ Forum 2015
According to the official letter of COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Dr. Javanmard head of COMSTECH Inter Islamic Network on Virtual Universities (CINVU) is invited to the 3rd Vice Chancellors’ Forum 2015, “Universities in the Islamic World: Facing Global Challenges”. The Forum is scheduled to be held on February 23-24, 2015 at Islamabad, Pakistan. Vice Chancellor’s Forum is third event being organized in series. The two earlier Forums were held to congregate Vice Chancellors/ Rectors/ Presidents of the universities in the Islamic world in September 2013 and June 2012 at Islamabad, Pakistan. Both events were well received with over whelming participation by the Vice Chancellors/ Rectors/ Presidents of the universities in the Islamic world.
Forum Themes:
  1. Fostering Links with Community;
  2. Sustainable Higher Education Systems;
  3. Sharing of Knowledge and Fostering Collaboration;
  4. Higher Education, Innovation and Entrepreneurship;
  5. International Landscape: Role of University Leadership;
  6. Higher education: New Visions for Future;
  7. Role of Higher Education in Economic Revitalization;
  8. Mapping International Research Collaboration – Future Trends;
  9. Equality of Access and Role of Women in Higher Education and in Society; and
  10. Partnering with Industry;
COMSTECH Inter_Islamic Network on Virtual Universities (CINVU) is an intergovernmental organization with its headquarter located in Tehran, and hosted by the government of Islamic Republic of Iran. CINVU is working under the umbrella of the OIC Ministerial Committee on Scientific and Technological Cooperation.
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