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Time: 2015/03/06
President to attend Intˈl Kharazmi Festival

The 27th International Kharazmi Festival was opened on March 2 in a ceremony attended by President Hassan Rouhani, reported CINVU.

The festival will honor 24 selected projects in 17 categories. Some 787 projects in 17 categories have been submitted to the secretariat of the festival with 126 belonging to scientists from 38 countries. Of the total figure submitted to the secretariat of the event, 56 projects were forwarded to jury of the festival which picked up 16 projects by the Iranian scientists, five from Germany, Britain, Australia, China and Hungary and three by Iranian scientists residing in Germany, France and the US as the final top works.  

The 27th International Kharazmi Festival is organized with an aim of honoring researchers and technologists at the national and international levels. It focuses on awarding brilliant works offered in such areas as agriculture, natural resources, mechanics, electricity and computer, biotechnology, environment, basic sciences in medical areas and chemical industries.

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