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Time: 2015/09/13
Iran, Austria sign 8 agreements on mutual scientific cooperation

Iranian and Austrian universities on Wednesday September 9, signed eight MoU on mutual cooperation, reported CINVU.

Signatories to the agreements were Iranian Minister of Science, Research and Technology, Mohammad Farhadi, and Austrian Vice-Chancellor and Minister for Science, Reinhold Mitterlehner.
Farhadi said at the meeting that Austria is a country with rich culture and civilization and advanced technology. “The background of Iran-Austria scientific cooperation dates back to 160 years ago when professors from Austria travelled to Iran and taught at Darulfonoon School, established by Amirkabir and we hope we will have forward-looking cooperation.”
Underlining that Iran sees no limits on scientific cooperation, Farhadi said scientists should cooperate in a free atmosphere and free of any controversy or political hues and cries. The Iranian official said discrimination and inequality in acquiring science and technology should be stopped and inside countries also equal conditions should be provided for education of men and women from different races and religions. “I have the honor to announce that half Iranian students are women and Iranian universities are scattered all over Iran and even in certain far distant areas the ratio of student population to total population is even higher than that of Tehran.” The Minister said after victory of Islamic Revolution and since about 35 years ago, Iran launched a giant move towards science and technology based on the three principles of making the public and officials aware, training capable manpower and adopting equal policies and executive plans.

Mitterlehner for his part said close economic relations between Iran and Austria goes back to centuries ago and cooperation in scientific domain also started in 1851. He said that following fruitful Vienna talks and after sanctions are lifted, there will be the possibility for further expansion of scientific cooperation and diversification cooperation. He said that over recent years, Iran-Austria scientific cooperation has been at a good level and memoranda of understanding were signed with different centers, including Austrian Science Academy. He underlined establishing proper structure for cooperation and conclusion of cooperation contracts and said Austria can have good cooperation with Iran within the frameworks of the European Union. He underlined that while increasing number of joint projects and conferences, Iran and Austria should diversify cooperation and present a new definition on cooperation.
Deputies minister and chancellors of universities of Tehran, Sharif, Khaje Nasir, al-Zahra, Shahid Beheshti, Sanati Sahand, and Isfahan as well as head of a number of research centers and representatives of the Ministry of Health and of Islamic Azad University were also present in the meeting.

Amirkabir chief minister to Naser al-Din Shah Qajar (Shah of Persia) for the first three years of his reign and one of the most capable and innovative figures to appear in the whole Qajar period


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