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Time: 2015/09/14
Iranian parliamentary delegation attends Islamabad PUIC meeting

Iranian parliamentary delegation attended a meeting of the executive committee of the Parliamentary Union of Islamic Countries (PUIC) in Islamabad on Monday, reported CINVU.

The delegation, headed by Lawmaker Kazem Jalali, attended the 34th meeting of the executive committee of the PUIC that will work for two days. Representatives from Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Algeria, Morocco, Malaysia, Uganda, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Guinea are present in the PUIC meeting.

On the sidelines of the today event, Jalali told that the PUIC executive committee meeting will focus on the framework for the upcoming PUIC summit to be held in the Iraqi capital.
He also said the executive committee meeting today is to approve an anti-terrorism document that was reviewed in the Dubai meeting, and will refer it to the PUIC summit.

Iran will propose several issues to the today meeting, said he, while referring to Iran's proposals as economic and parliamentary convergence between the Islamic countries, fight with terrorist group of Daesh and nations' right to use new technologies 

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