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Time: 2015/09/14
Muhammad, the Messenger of God


A film directed by Iran’s renowned director Majid Majidi, has been given extensive coverage for its screenings at private and public circles and these days at the Montreal World Film Festival (MWFF), reported CINVU. This 171-minute epic on the early years of the prophet of Islam is, with a budget of over $50 million, the most expensive film ever made in Iran, and has been in production for five years.On the premier day of Majidi’s film, the founder and president of MWFF was present and the Mayor of Montreal city Dennis Kuder has considered the presentation of this film as a great honor for this Canadian city. “The Festival is very proud to be able to host the premiere of this important work, a film of very high artistry aimed at a very wide audience,” declared MWFF President Serge Losique asserting that, “there have been many movies dealing with key figures of the world’s great religions, including Jesus, Moses and Buddha, but this is only the second epic screen treatment of Islam’s founder.”

Previously Color of Paradise and Children of Heaven, also directed by Majidi, drew a lot of attention in big international film festivals. Mizan Online News Agency on September 9 published images of people in Canada standing in line to watch Muhammad, the Messenger of God together with comments by some cultural and cinematic figures, including two non-Iranian crew members of Majidi’s latest film.

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