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Time: 2013/07/03
Iran's Science Production 11 Times Faster than World Average
Iran's Science Production 11 Times Faster than World Average

Iran ranked 17th in the world in producing science in 2011, an official announced, and said the country's science production is 11 times more and faster than the global average.

According to "Iran ranked 17th in the world in production of science in 2011 and the growth rate of science production in the country is 11 times higher than the world average," Davoud Younesian, an official in charge of studying the recent progress in Iran's railway engineering, said in Tehran on Tuesday.  /cinvu
He appreciated Iranian experts and scientists for their huge progress, and said while Iran ranked 24th in the world in producing science in 2007 by presenting 14,000 scientific productions, it ranked 17th in 2011 in the same field, which is a great achievement.  /cinvu
Iran has taken wide strides in science and technology in recent years.  /cinvu
In March, Iranian Minister of Science, Research and Technology Kamran Daneshjou announced Iran's astonishing growth in the world's scientific output, and said that Iran's world rankings in different scientific scales have improved. /cinvu
"The Islamic Republic of Iran has improved its ranking to 17 in 2013 from 20 in 2012 in the scale of Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) and to 15 in 2013 from 17 in 2012 in the Scopus scale," Daneshjou said at the time. /cinvu
He noted that reference to scientific journal articles written by Iranian scientists has increased in recent years which shows the quality of these articles. /cinvu
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