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Time: 2013/08/24
Al Azhar demands unity on Eid al Fitr
Grand Sheikh of Al Azhar issued a message on the eve of Eid al Fitr expressing hope that national unity prevails among the nation again.
Egypt’s Ahmad el Tayeb issued a message on the occasion of Eid al Fitr congratulating the nation and
saying that the people have to mark the occasion as an excuse to boost their solidarity,reported
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He called the protesters to be vigil make the best of the opportunities before it is too late.

He stressed Egyptian nation has to notice that no group can enjoy security and stability in a society where differences rule or is risked by intrigues saying,” If there is security it is for all and if there is a loss it is shared by all.”

Al Tayeb also noted,” People have to be patient, prioritize their religion and their country, cooperate on this say of Eid and view each other as brothers.”

He also expressed the optimist view of Al Azhar for the future of Egypt and that the people can handle the present crisis to liberate their country from the current situation.

Top figure at Al Azhar demanded people to prevent intervention of foreign countries in the domestic issues of Egypt expressing hope that God Almighty saves the country from known and unknown intrigues.

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