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Time: 2013/11/04
Iran's UNESCO Envoy Stresses Necessity for Dialogue among Cultures

Majidi made the remarks addressing a scientific meeting titled 'Inter-Cultural Talks in the 21st Century and the Role of UNESCO' in Paris on Friday.

The Iranian envoy, who also holds the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM)'s presidency at UNESCO, underlined that promoting cultural dialogue is one of the most important responsibilities of the UNESCO.

He referred to Iran's role in dialogue among cultures and civilizations at global levels, and underscored the necessity for morally-oriented talks and attention to cultural diversity as a prerequisite for success in any dialogue.

In relevant remarks in 2012, a senior Iranian diplomat said that Iran has been one of the founders of interaction and dialogue with other cultures and nations all throughout the history, stressing that the notion of dialogue among civilizations is the outcome of the same historical experience.

"All throughout the history Iran has been one of the founders of interaction and dialogue with other nations and the theory of dialogue among religions and civilizations is the outcome of this precious and realistic historical experience," Iranian Ambassador to Rome Seyed Mohammad Ali Hosseini wrote in an article published in the Italian newspaper, Corriere Della Serra.

Hosseini said that the Iranian nation favors cultural interaction with other nations and civilizations.

"Iranians take every opportunity to introduce their cultural achievements (to other nations) in different aspects of art such as cinema, theater, painting, architecture, and poetry," he said

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