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Conclusion of MoU between CINVU and IFIA

Conclusion of MoU between CINVU and IFIA

  • 2022/09/14

In order to support innovations, inventions and technology transfer in Islamic countries, a joint cooperation memorandum was concluded between CINVU and IFIA.

According to the Public Relations Report of CINVU, Dr. Karim Najafi Barzegar, Secretary General of CINVU in this event, referring to the capacity of this international academic organization in creating a scientific platform and establishing coordination and cooperation between universities and scientific and educational centers of Islamic countries and emphasized on speeding up the joint cooperation in order to benefit the members of CINVU and COMSTECH as much as possible from IFIA's capacities and services in the field of intellectual property, technology transfer and education.

He also considered the skill and scientific empowerment of the underprivileged parts of the Islamic world as the definitive mission of CINVU and requested IFIA's participation with this organization in order to provide new services in the field of establishing international facilitation processes and technical and content exchange.

Masoud Shafaqi, Strategic Planning and Executive Office Manager of IFIA, also participated in this event, while presenting an official invitation to the Secretary General of CINVU and the accompanying delegation to visit IFIA and the Exhibition of Innovations in Switzerland, expressed IFIA's support for the innovations and inventions of students, professors and elites of member universities of CINVU.

He also pointed to the necessity of transferring knowledge and technology from advanced countries in order to empower the underprivileged parts of the Islamic world, expressed intellectual property support, technology transfer and holding training courses on the commercialization of inventions are among the fields of this joint cooperation.

It should be noted that the International Federation of Inventors, abbreviated as IFIA, it is a non-governmental organization in order to create a suitable platform for supporting inventions and initiatives, which started its activity in 1968 and now he cooperates with institutes, invention organizations and scientific and academic centers in 5 continents of the world.

IFIA's mission is to develop knowledge creation, promote the culture of innovation and facilitate the process of turning ideas into wealth and this federation is the supervisory and advisory member of UNCTAD and the supervisory member of SACEPO. IFIA is also the most important support organization for the world's inventors under the supervision of WIPO, a member of UNIDO and a special member of EAI.

CINVU is one of the Networks affiliated to "COMSTECH",  the Ministerial Standing Committee on Scientific and Technological Cooperation of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation that hosted by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of the Islamic Republic of Iran. This International Organization is a base full of knowledge and ability, which strives to expand public higher education based on smart technology with the goal of justice, deepening and reliability of knowledge and thought, and educational, research, cultural and skill empowerment of the Islamic world.

In order to support innovations, inventions and technology transfer in Islamic countries, a joint cooperation memorandum was concluded between the CINVU and the IFIA.