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Technology, e-learning and Distance Education

Technology, e-learning and Distance Education

Publisher : Australian National University
Date published : 2005
Authors: Bates, A. T ,

Award-winning in its first edition, this book is an essential guide to the use of technology in flexible and distance learning, weighing up the pros and cons of different media. Fully updated, this second edition:

examines criteria and guidelines for the design and delivery of effective teaching, using modern learning technologies

focuses on the use of the Internet for distance and flexible education

considers the design and use of emerging technologies such as web-based video-conferencing and speech recognition

places emphasis on organisational and management issues and how these influence the effective use of technology

gives attention to the integration of online teaching with campus-based face-to-face teaching.

With a focus on basic principles and general guidelines this guidance applies to existing and emerging technologies. It is essential reading not just for those specialising in flexible and distance learning and distance education, but anyone concerned with the integration of technology with teaching.

Emerging trends convergence and specialization in distance education

The impact of technology on the organization of distance education

Selecting and using technologies in distance education


Television and video

Radio audio cassettes and compact disc players

Webbased learning access and teaching issues

Webbased learning costs and organizational issues

Audio video and Webconferencing access and teaching issues

Audio video and Webconferencing costs and organizational issues

Executive summary what have we learned?

unique characteristics of television and radio

TONY BATES: Dr. Tony Bates is the author of eleven books in the field of online learning and distance education. He has provided consulting services specializing in training in the planning and management of online learning and distance education, working with over 40 organizations in 25 countries. Tony is a Research Associate with Contact North | Contact Nord, Ontario’s Distance Education & Training Network.

Cite: Bates, A. T. (2005). Technology, e-learning and distance education. Routledge.