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COMSTECH Inter-Islamic Network on Virtual Universities


Considering the necessity of creating appropriate grounds for supporting the development programs of education and research networks based on new information and telecommunication technologies and promoting the culture of participation and facilitating cooperation and strengthening relations and promoting the level of scientific, educational, research and technological cooperation and consensus among elites and Scientists of Islamic Countries, CINVU was founded in January 2011. CINVU is an autonomous, non-political organization with an international approach and under the auspices of the Standing Committee on Scientific and Technological Cooperation of OIC member countries. It works in the field of knowledge and thought, deepening and consolidating what has been learned and educational, research, cultural and skill empowerment of students, professors, universities and elites of the Islamic world. The network of communication bridge between students, professors and universities with the approach of sharing information and resources and supporting online technology-based learning methods has provided rich platform for achieving the wise and thoughtful goals of pure Islam in the fields of science, culture, management, economics, medicine, energy and...

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Objectives of CINVU

Developing public higher education in the virtual context of information technology
Consolidation of learning and educationalempowerment of Islamic countries