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 AECT – Association for Educational Communications and Technology

AECT – Association for Educational Communications and Technology

Institution title : AECT – Association for Educational Communications and Technology

Bloomington, Indiana

The Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) is a professional association of instructional designers, educators and professionals who provide leadership and advise policy makers in order to sustain a continuous effort to enrich teaching and learning. Seizing opportunities to raise awareness and leverage technology, our members may be found around the world in colleges and universities, in the Armed Forces and industry, in museums, libraries, and hospitals, and in the many places where educational change is underway. Our research and scholarly activity contribute to the knowledge base in the field of Learning. We are on the cutting edge of new developments and innovations in research and application.

AECT is the premier organization for those actively involved in the design of instruction and a systematic approach to learning. We provide an international forum for the exchange and dissemination of ideas for our members and for target audiences. We are the national and international voice for improvement of instruction and the most recognized association of information concerning a wide range of instructional and educational technology. We have 24 states and six International Affiliates all passionate about finding better ways to help people learn.

Since 1923, AECT has been the professional home for this field of interest and has continuously maintained a central position in the field, promoting high standards, in both scholarship and practice with nine Divisions and a Graduate Student Assembly that represent the breadth and depth of the field. We produce two bimonthly journals, Educational Technology Research and Development and TechTrends.


 Provide international leadership by promoting scholarship and best practices in the creation, use, and management of technologies for effective teaching and learning.


 We seek to be the premier international organization in educational technology, the organization to which others refer for research and best practices.


We value Leadership

Our work is intended to communicate intellectual leadership among the disciplines associated with educational communications and technology.

We value Collaboration

We work with other individuals and organizations that share our vision, values and goals. Yet, we cherish our collective identity as well as a wide range of diversity encumbered within the individuals that constitute the AECT membership.

We value Professional Standards

We are committed to excellence. High quality artifacts, ethical conduct, and social consciousness are essential components of our scholarly community.


We value Sustainability

Our actions are dedicated to maintaining a level of service and rate of growth commensurate with the desires of our membership over time.

We value Financial Stability

We are responsible stewards of AECTs resources and finances.

AECT publishes three journals:

TechTrends, a bimonthly for "leaders in technology and education"

Educational Technology Research and Development, a bimonthly academic journal

The Quarterly Review of Distance Education, a quarterly academic journal

AECT Foundation

Formed in 1970, the AECT Foundation supports the charitable and educational activities of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT), based on the conviction that the improvement of instruction in schools and colleges can be enhanced by the continued investigation and application of new systems for learning and by authentic assessment of communication techniques and technology.  The purpose of the Foundation is to prepare and develop leaders and practitioners in our fields, to enlarge the body of knowledge available in the fields of educational communications and technology, and to encourage the dissemination of such knowledge.

The AECT Foundation:

  • Supports emerging professionals who will have an impact on education

Scholarships to support emerging professionals, young leaders in the field

Internships that develop future leaders in the field

Summer leadership participation that engages leaders in planning and action

  • Advances and disseminates knowledge and practice in our field

Recognize cutting edge research

Recognize innovative practice

Recognize lifelong contributions to knowledge and practice in the field

Disseminate knowledge and practice in the field (lecture series, library, etc.)

  • Develops global connections among professionals and professional practices